Breast care

When you are 13 and the breasts begin to increase, you want to quickly become beautiful with exciting shapes and a perfect figure. With this impatience begins the beauty of the girl's body.
The most asked question is: how to enlarge breasts and why do they grow so slowly? is replaced by others: how to care for the skin of the breast? breasts during pregnancy and lactation? breasts after childbirth and lactation…
Oh, the questions are typed for a dissertation or encyclopedia, let's start with the simplest?

Habits that have a good effect on the breast:

Posture, straightened shoulders, a straight spine give the chest a more attractive look than all bras combined, and the habit of walking and sitting with a straight back retains its shape. Don't you believe it? Try to bend your back, as if you are a good old baba yaga with a stick, bring your shoulders together, tilt your head, choosing the right buttons on the keyboard, feel the changes. Now return to the pose of a professional soldier, as if you swallowed an arshin, straightened your back, straightened your shoulders, as if your goal is to prove the narrowness of a door or opening. Freeze in this pose. Felt? – Find something more feminine and lively than the military man suggested and something more fun than Baba Yaga. Go back to your find until it becomes a habit.

Small, elastic breasts do not require wearing bras, except when you have to run or jump, in this case, you can recommend tightening sports tops with a high content of elastic fabrics. In other cases, choose underwear that is comfortable and supportive, so that no lace, bones, straps do not press and do not constrain your movements.

As you know, the chest loves cold water, ice, daily massage of the shower with a flexible hose with cold water – one of those good habits that keep the elasticity of the chest.

Breasts, especially nipples do not like direct sunlight, are critical of tanning beds and can respond to such attempts to create beauty, without thinking about health, pigment spots and metabolic disorders.

Without waiting for the skin to remind itself of itself, choose a cream that nourishes the skin, supports metabolic processes in the skin cells or make individual cosmetics for the breast yourself.

Once a month, immediately after critical days, conduct a self-examination, for mammologists there are no problems with which they would not cope, if you turn at an early stage of any disease, the earlier, the better.

Breast. certainly not character, but its shape is individual and with good breast care habits, your personality can… much.)