Skin care in June

Everyone knows that the skin is normal, i.e. healthy, in any case, not dry and not oily. If the skin is covered with a layer of subcutaneous fat and shines in the sun, it is classified as oily. This kind of skin is often characterized by enlarged pores, into which any dirt falls and moistened with the same sebum sticks. The skin resists foreign objects and protects healthy tissues from them, as a result, the face is covered with acne, inflammation and other troubles. Among the advantages of oily skin can be attributed to two: this property passes with age, and oily skin is less susceptible to the formation of wrinkles and cracks. Dry skin is its opposite: fragile, delicate, it is subject to any external factors, easily cracks, hard to tolerate physical influences, such as dust, scrub, as well as the action of the sun. There is no resistance to external factors.

Naturally, the skin of the face may be partly oily, for example, the cheeks, and partly dry, for example, the forehead. In this case, you have to select cosmetics for combination skin or use the corresponding forehead or cheeks.

Traditional cosmetology preserves the beauty of healthy skin or normalizes metabolic processes in accordance with the lunar cycle.

With normal skin, you should not be particularly zealous in search of a new one. We can recommend only a highly effective antiseptic lotion, relevant in the heat: it is prepared for 10 days, it is an alcohol infusion of clove petals. 200 grams of petals are poured with 70% alcohol, after 10 days they filter and add benzoic medicine (sold in a pharmacy).

Of the masks, you can stop on a cottage cheese and sour cream mask with salt. (all components in equal proportions). Kept for 15 minutes. The mask is more effective on the waning moon as a bleaching and cleansing agent, on the growing moon – as a nourishing one.

As a cleansing and nourishing agent, you can also use a mask of boiled potatoes with olive oil, it is applied for 15 minutes, washed off with warm and then cold water. With a waning Moon, it can be used to prevent edema, on a growing one it contributes to the attractive velvety skin.

In June, you can use a mask of cherries / cherries with starch: for 5-6 berries – 1 tablespoon of starch. The mask is applied for 15-20 minutes. Cherry mask has a weak peeling effect.

The nourishing effect has a mask of soybean seeds with cream. It is recommended to apply it for 15-20 minutes, the neck and décolleté area. The most suitable time as a rejuvenating agent is from 6 to 13 June.

As already noted, according to skin types, cosmetic care with folk remedies uses the factor of the influence of the moon on metabolic processes in the body.

In the first lunar phase, the skin is nourished, perfectly absorbs, this phase is most relevant for dry, emaciated skin.

From May 28, wash dry skin with fresh flowers and celandine leaves, infused in cold water brought to a boil for 5-7 minutes.  A glass of water will need a tablespoon of celandine. This lotion can be used until June 13.

Mask for dry skin from strawberries with honey and sour cream perfectly nourishes the skin and soothes it. We recommend using one berry cut into two parts to care for the skin around the eyes, just apply the berries to the closed eyes when you take the mask.

For oily skin, we can recommend masks with an anti-inflammatory effect and cleansing, as well as containing active ingredients to normalize metabolic processes.

Already from May 28, when the new lunar cycle began, you can use an infusion of strawberry leaves instead of a lotion: 2 tablespoons are poured with a glass of boiling water and 1 hour is insisted in a thermos or a steam bath.

Mask of this period: a mixture of fresh cottage cheese and cucumber or apple pulp, aged for 20-30 minutes.

On Friday, June 6 at 0:10, the moon moves into the second quarter, approaching the full moon, but continues to grow, fundamentally skin care does not change:

We nourish dry skin with rose petals with oil, for this a glass of fresh petals of a light rose should be poured completely with vegetable oil and very carefully heated in a steam bath. The resulting rose oil, when properly cooked, preserves the delicate aroma of the flower and nourishes the skin.

To cleanse oily skin, an infusion of hawthorn flowers is used: 2 tablespoons per half cup of boiling water. When the infusion has cooled, it is filtered and salicylic alcohol (sold in a pharmacy) is added at the rate of 1 part of alcohol per 5 parts of filtered infusion.

On June 13, the Moon at the full moon at 8:13 for Moscow, the magic of attraction, like the feminine principle, reaches its maximum peak in June to give way to the male. This is a period of cleansing and getting rid of everything superfluous: acne, formations, acne and any shortcomings. Lotions become more effective.

Infusion of budra flowers ivy replaces lotion and water for washing dry skin until June 27. You can use chamomile or yarrow.

To refresh, smooth, give a matte shade and reduce the signs of aging, we make a mask from the same plants: pour 3 tablespoons with a glass of boiling water. Strain the cooled infusion. You can add the yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey and tea vegetable oil. The mixture is liquid, it is applied to the face with a brush or swab in layers, when the mask dries, apply the next layer, and so on until the mixture is finished.  

The last lunar quarter is a period of wilting and intensive absorption, during this period cleansing procedures are most effective. In Moscow, the last lunar phase occurs on Thursday, June 19 at 22:40.

Procedures for dry skin for the entire period of the moon's waning are the same.

To tidy up oily skin, wipe it with fresh cucumber instead of lotions.

The mask of this period is also made of cucumber gruel with the protein of one egg and 2-7 drops of rose oil or clary sage. The aphrodisiac effect of oils will be a pleasant addition to skin cosmetics.