Neck care

From about the age of five, Padaung women begin to wear brass spirals around their necks. When Padaung women marry, the number of rings adorning their necks cannot be increased. In a short period of life, thanks to her services to her village, a woman can collect about 5 kilograms of copper on her neck, similar to rings. It is said that the paraungs descend from an ancient dragon and an earthly woman, having learned about the heir, the happy father began to circle in the air, raising the wind of happiness. The memory of the happy wind and the expectation of happiness have been preserved by the unique decoration of women living in parts of Burma and Thailand.
Rings support the neck in an invariably proud and confident position, this distinguishes local beauties, despite the ironic nickname given by tourists "female giraffes". It is curious that the peoples of Africa and other countries have similar traditions.

A European woman will not wear so many rings, stretching her neck, unfortunately, we are not prepared to give birth to dragon children, but do not lower your head, creating extra folds on your neck and losing self-confidence.

The beauty and health of the open tender swan neck of a European woman are not inferior to padaung women, and in our tradition it is not customary to forget about this and about neck care.

Create habits:

Proudly we wear our head on our shoulders, and a beautiful languid or timid look, capable of conquering any dragon, acts no worse if you slightly cover your eyes with huge, as is customary in Europe, eyelashes.

If you search the Internet, you will find that for some reason people are not interested in the question: what to wash your neck? interested: how often). The neck, like any skin of a European, needs to be washed. Today, many people write that water for daily washing is not suitable, it tightens the skin or dries it. Soap is criticized even more often, preferring natural cosmetics either brands focused on naturalness, or made by yourself. Cosmetics for daily removal of various kinds of dirt from the neck I advise you to choose individually. It is still necessary to wash, the more often the more polluted the atmosphere, the more oily the skin and / or hair. Unfortunately, excess fat with makeup removers is not always removed from the skin. Perhaps the best solution you will find among the decoction and infusions of herbs, so that they fit your skin and its condition. The skin of the neck can suffer from rough peels and scrubs, it is almost as delicate as the skin around the eyes and I advise you to treat it no less carefully, especially since it will be the first to begin to betray our age.
The skin of the neck needs nutrition and protection, choose or make yourself a cream and mask for your skin, choose oils that have a beneficial effect on the skin, they can be used for neck care and self-massage.

The muscles of the neck need movement. Pick up a few neck exercises that make sure that the neck moves, its muscles work daily, creating an influx of blood and energy. One of the most pleasant exercises can be oriental dances. You can move at ease or flirtatiously, resembling porcelain figurines, or as if separated from the neck of the heads of dancers.

Choose a pillow traditional or special in order to provide the neck and upper spine with the opportunity to completely relax while you see sweet dreams, where beautiful and happy with your head raised high on the swan's neck, you hurries towards your happiness with a light gait.

Starting to take care of the neck now, you can easily avoid the scarf of a Russian married woman, supporting the neck and chin in no less taut position than that of padaung women, you can not imitate French fashionistas – big fans of various kinds of scarves, perhaps you will find a few secrets to preserving the beauty of the neck, which you will share with us.)