Neck exercises

The continuation of the topic of neck care suggests itself. The neck directs the head, – wise Japanese women believe, because where the neck turns, there the head looks. In order not to miss the most curious, the most interesting, the most effective neck should twist easily, beautifully and at ease. Muscles help her in this, laziness, stagnant processes and salt deposition interfere.

Can we help the muscles? – give them such a load, such entertainment from which in their lives there will be a goal (to preserve the beauty and health of the neck) and a means – the proposed set of exercises for the neck.

Where does the neck remind us of ourselves? about the transience of time, about what awaits us? – at the mirror. The mirror, as the ancients believed, looking into polished silver, is a magical object that connects the other world and reality, the past and the future. Let's take advantage of this and help your beautiful neck in the future to maintain the attractiveness inherent in it today.

The neck easily leans to the right, left, nothing interferes with it, there are no unpleasant sensations anywhere. Once 10 in each direction. Yes, yes,) the muscles are already working, the neck exercises have begun.
It's just moving your chin up. Hold it as high as possible, higher than any winner! Put your head down. Repeat 10 times.

Now, with a little warmth, let's complicate the task.

Try without tilting your head, move your chin along your shoulder to the left, stop in the extreme position for a second and make sure you can do it. Check, the chin has moved to the shoulder, and not the shoulder has risen and reached for the chin. The shoulders maintain their position, and the head slowly walks between them. A strange feeling of unreality of what is happening? If you are happy with yourself, you can increase the pace. No? it's okay, it will work out next time.

use your hands, repeat the gesture of the dancers: hands on one side, head on the other, swap them. You can roll your head over the hands connecting under the chin. Don't forget to wink at your reflection when you throw up your eyelashes.)
Rest, make a few circular movements of the head in both directions.
These few pleasant minutes will give you pleasure every day, will contribute to your beauty and health, will strengthen your confidence that you can do everything or almost everything and will protect you from the deposition of salts in the cervical spine.

Nothing bothers you, everything works out?  Then try to move from the sweet and gentle gestures of Oriental dance to the bodyflex personally glorified by the West and Greer Childers.  Throw your head up, as you recently did, push your chin forward as high as possible, breaking the correct bite, pull your shoulders back, shifting the shoulder blades in one line, so that they touch each other freeze in this position for a few seconds. You can use the bodyflex breathing technique, you can breathe as you like. The exercise is repeated 8 times, but the next day you should wake up with the confidence that you were laid down by a horse (apparently in a dream) or that you are a man, at least in the neck area).

Aren't you afraid of self-irony? – then let's continue).  A And O W. Mirror will help you. At first, the whole mouth and neck pronounce A, loudly and clearly, long, but taking into account the fact that we do not participate in the marathon for the pronunciation of sounds. Next sound And, then Oh, followed by Y, and so on a few times. It is believed that the folds around the mouth will make you wait longer than gerontologists have calculated, check if this is so).

You are beautiful. Your mirror is in awe of you. A little more irony: the mouth forms a circle as if we pronounce O, stick out his tongue without hiding his desire to participate in gymnastics at home, support the tongue with your lips, you can press your fingers on the corners of your lips, if you want to get effective protection from wrinkles, folds in this place and freeze for a few seconds, surprised that nothing can spoil the wonderful mood.

Back to the East, the arms form an oval around the head. and the head moves smoothly from one hand to the other, several times.
A little Western practicalism to improve the work of vision: turn your head right and left, paying attention to everything that catches your eye, slightly stop in the extreme position and turn your head in the other direction. As you can see, not only owls can see what is behind them without turning the body.

Again tilt the head to the right and left this time, the shoulder goes from the head down, the upper spine takes part in gymnastics. However, neck exercises, in which more than a small mirror shows, take part is a separate story, you should not try everything at once in one day. Make sure that you can cope with such a load and perform exercises every day, you can choose several or alternate them.