Ears vs Plastic Surgeon

With age and from inactivity in environmentally unfavorable conditions, the face ages, acquires looseness and the skin sags. Secular ladies with capitals found a way to preserve youth until a very old age in the offices of plastic surgeons. If your hearing and imagination caresses the phrase: skin reinforcement with gold threads, then this article is not for you.

The method is built on the fact that point stimulation of the muscles of the back of the head, crown and auricles can awaken the sleeping muscles and restore the legitimate pleasure of a woman from her reflection in the mirror.

Finding points

There are three points near the ear, they are the most important component of a natural facelift. To find the first point, place the pad of the middle finger under the upper edge of the auricle, move your fingers at the level of this place forward on the face, feel a weak pulse beat in the small depression – this is the first point of acupuncture of the ear muscles.

The second point is at the same level, but behind the ear, also in a small depression where you can feel the pulse. Pressing this point tightens the muscles of the occipital region.

The third point is paired, located above the ear, these are two small depressions. To find them, slide your fingers along the upper and lateral edge of the ear, to its top. About the width of the finger above the ear, spread your fingers to the face and to the back of the head, respectively. When the fingers are about a centimeter or two apart, you will feel the pulse beat. These dots seem to attract fingers.

The general rule is that if you can't find the point of impact, you can use ice. Lubricate the skin with a moisturizing emulsion and hold a piece of ice, under the influence of cold in the active points, the muscles tighten. So you can determine where to apply the pads of the fingers.

Activation of ear muscles

For three weeks, stimulation of the ear muscles is carried out several times during the day. To do this, with a light press on the point, you need to achieve at least a weak muscle reaction. By the end of the third week, the muscles will move themselves.

The pads of the little finger – at the first point, the unnamed – on the third, the index – on the second gently and easily affect the skin in anticipation of the muscle response. Daily. Within 3 weeks.

During the exercise, you can listen to beautiful music and imagine something beautiful, for example, how butterflies wake up and begin to flap their wings. This slight flapping of the wings can be considered a criterion that the process has begun. The more often you do the exercises, the faster the muscles will "come to life".

When you feel that all three ear muscles have worked and have begun to restore your beauty. You can move to a less intense effect on the ear points, reducing it to 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes so that the result persists "forever".

You can add points on the back of the head to activate the muscles on the back of the head. To find the points of acupuncture, you need to run a finger pad along the vertebrae of the neck upwards until the finger falls into the fossa. Run the pads from this point to the sides and up about 1-2 centimeters, here you need to feel the pulsating pits. These are the points at which a pronounced reaction is felt every time the muscles, called moth muscles, are tightened.

The locations of other points are shown in the figure, they are located in the recesses and respond with pulsation to touch.


To tighten the ear muscles to the main occipital muscle, three fingers are used: index, middle and ring. The pad of the index finger is placed at the upper edge of the auricle, the pad of the middle – on the temple, the ring in the fossa at the roots of the hair 1 cm above the eyebrow line. Catch the rhythm of the heart and press the points back and up, as if you are being touched by the wing of a moth. Feel the response of the muscles under your fingers. After that, leave your fingers on the points and feel how the muscles contract in the direction of the back of the head. After some time after performing this exercise, you will feel how the muscles from behind tighten in the direction of the top of the head.  This exercise is performed daily for 3 weeks.

Load amplification

By mastering the technology of acupuncture lift, you can increase muscle activation by creating artificial resistance. If the muscle stretches upwards, then with the help of the pad of the finger, you can slightly direct the pressure downwards. Just a little. It is important not to stretch the skin, not to arrange a shift of more than 1-2 mm, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.Particular care is required for the skin of the face and neck.

Execution automatism

When the muscles are awakened, they maintain the youthfulness of the face due to the action of the muscles. Movements of the muscles of the face should enter your life, like ordinary hygiene. If you forget to deal with your face, then it forgets its youth.

Keep adding new points to your daily update

According to the method of Benitay, Cantieni is a journalist from Switzerland, to harmonize the face and body, known as "Cantienica" or faceforming "old" ("classical") and "new".

Exceptions to the rule

People with nervous or sensorimotor disorders may have difficulty activating dormant muscles, however, patience and the desire to be beautiful allow you to achieve certain results. Additional difficulties also arise from taking certain medications, alcohol and undergoing plastic surgery. You can perform exercises after plastic surgery in coordination with your doctor.