Restoration of damaged hair tips

Turning to the topic of time management of beauty and health, we decided to dwell on the current topic: the calculation of the necessary time and actions for the prevention and restoration of damaged hair tips.

The first step of time management:
It does not matter whether your hair is healthy or the ends of your hair cut in the modern world, it is recommended to cut once a month. It is optimal to trim on the same lunar day once a month. Open the lunar calendar and choose the right day.
In the lunar calendar, the choice is actually small: 8, 13, 14 lunar days. It is important to cut the hair on the waxing moon, preferably the 2nd quarter.
For example, we will take the 13th lunar day. It is the best day for hair care, in addition, the day following it is also considered by astrologers favorable for a haircut. If you can't trim the ends on day 13, you can do it the next day without any remorse.

Second step of time management: If the
hair splits, it may be caused by an imperfect diet.
Split ends with dry and normal scalp may indicate a lack of iron, but the cause in each case may be different.
If you think that in the diet it is necessary to increase the amount of iron, then in your diet will appear or increase the number of products such as:
white mushrooms, you can dried, prunes, beans, dried apricots, beef liver, peas, buckwheat, chicken eggs, oatmeal, peaches, spinach, dates, raisins, beef, lamb, rye bread, apples, apricots, fruits, parsley.

If you don't have any signs of iron deficiency, the cause of the tip stratification may be due to a lack of fatty acids in the diet or a lack of other macro- or micronutrients.

With the help of computer diagnostics, you can find out this issue quite accurately. But before you run to the specialists, keep in mind that hair depends on the environment, lifestyle and care.

The third step of time management:

If you decide to try to use the lunar calendar for a month to protect your hair from brittleness and delamination of the tips, then at least for a month give up chemical perming, chemical dyes, hair drying with a hair dryer and, if, of course, you can imagine such a thing, from shampoos. In your monthly hair care schedule, free time is formed, fill it with washing your hair with natural products, for example, mustard powder or chicken egg.

Get ready for the fact that before washing your hair you will need to apply oil to your hair, after washing you can apply balms or conditioners to your hair. Choose recipes that consist of those products that contain the minerals and elements you need, like the smell or other reasons, whether you have or buy them is not a problem.
It is better not to wash your hair if the Moon is in water signs: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Fourth step of time management:
Choose masks that will nourish your hair. The most favorable time for masks is the waxing moon. Select the appropriate days. Pick up cleansing treatments for hair on the waning moon. This is the period when the body gives negative energies and substances through the hair.
Nourishing masks and prolonged combing are favorable on the 3rd lunar day, hair care on the 4th, experiments – in the 8th, about the rest of the days of the second lunar phase I have no direct instructions, except that the 13th lunar day is the most favorable for any actions regarding the hair, find time on this day for your own, and at 14 continue and, possibly, The trend will already appear, fix it on the 15th day, but be careful, it is better not to comb brittle hair than to comb it sharply, aggressively because it is planned so. Thick, beautiful, shiny, rich – these are epithets characterizing the hair, which is cared for during the period of the full moon, but before the onset of the full moon. The 16th, 20th, 23rd days are favorable for hair care. The 4th phase of the moon is favorable for laying, balms and air conditioners. On the 29th lunar day, you can take stock of your efforts and make preliminary adjustments to your hair time management.

The fifth step of time management:
If you dye your hair, then either you will have to give up chemical dye, or you realize that you do not contribute to the health of your hair, or you use natural dyes, for example, henna. Unfortunately, before using henna after a chemical perm or staining, it should take at least 3 months. Henna does not predictably lie on chemicals, the color may turn out not at all what you expected. Given this, choose for yourself when to dye your hair: on the waxing Moon, coloring is more intense, persistent, on a waning one – you can experiment, the color washes off quickly. The Moon in Pisces or Cancer are not the right days. The most favorable period is when the Moon is in Virgo and Leo.
Favorable days for coloring 4 (gray hair is painted over), 8th, 10th (lightening hair and toning gray hair), 11th (extensions and coloring for dark hair), 19th, 20th, 21st (lightening for blondes)

The sixth step of timemanagement:

29 lunar day devote to summing up. If you have made every effort to maintain long healthy hair, and the ends are all too early to split, think about what will be better for YOU: to keep the secret unscientific magic of long women's hair, which protects the entire kind of woman, or not to suffer and cut them modernly, changing your image and getting rid of unnecessary breakdowns. As you comb your hair, try to hear the "inner voice" of your intuition… After all, maybe you'll like this scientific approach to your hair from the past so much that why not continue experimenting in the same vein with the time management of your beauty and health? then the seventh step may appear)