Japanese Facial Massage

Twisted between the aromas of delicate petals and exotic trees, nourishing the skin of the face and lungs with them, I discovered interesting points of application of essential oils to create my own unique beauty.
Here and there on different Internet sites flashes a catchy face with circles drawn on it. Nearby is no less attractive annotation, as pressing on these points in 70 look better than in 20.
Let's try to figure out what is a Japanese facial massage?
To put it in the poetic language of shiatsu co-founder Tokuhiro Nahikoshi: "The essence of Shiatsu is like pure maternal love. Finger pressure on certain points in the body sets in motion the sources of life."
Who doesn't want to discover the sources of life? If it is enough to understand what is hidden behind this pleasant word shiatsu, it is worth a try. The Japanese word shiatsu (or shiatsu) itself is translated as a combination of two shi characters – fingers and atsu – pressure. Are you already familiar with the combination "acupressure"? finger pressure is a Japanese acupressure technology, the basis for which was a school of blind healers called amma. The historical roots of shiatsu go to the territory of China, but letting sprouts, they acquire Japanese features and, of course, their own rules. The general understanding of the biological energy flowing along the meridians inside the human body and connecting it to the surrounding space remains unchanged. As well as invariably the very understanding of energy – the creative force in harmony and destructive if harmony is broken.
The impact, as the name of shiatsu implies, is carried out by the fingers, more precisely the pads of the thumbs. In the zone of the carotid artery, shoulder blade, chest, temporal region, massage is done with three fingers, on the abdomen – with three fingers and the base of the palm, on the limbs and back – with thumbs. This technique also involves pressing with elbows, knees and even feet in a certain rhythm. It is believed that shiatsu does not require special medical training, but it seems to me that if you are inspired by the simplicity of the technique so much that you yourself would like to test the effect of massage on yourself, start with the simplest techniques that support the vitality of the body, relieve headaches and fatigue. You can try a rejuvenating facial massage.  In these cases, pressure is made by the fingers and the base of the palm.
The result of the impact of shiatsu depends on the accuracy of determining the point of exposure, these points are called tsubo.
The hands, especially the hands and palms doing the shiatsu massage, should be warmed up. In Chinese tradition, an indicator can be the sensation of heat transfer from one palm to the other, provided that the palms are located at a distance from each other (about 10-15 cm).
During the massage, the finger is located strictly perpendicular to the place of exposure (tsubo). You need to press gently with the pad of the finger, without rubbing, rotation, tremors or other movements: the skin tissues do not mix anywhere. The pressure is produced by the pads of the fingers, but it feels like they carry all the power of your body. At the same time, the pressure does not cause pain, discomfort, does not resemble a blow.
The impact on one point is carried out no more! 2 minutes, and the time of one press is limited to 2-5 seconds, some sources even indicate a 3 second exposure.
Shiatsu massage is carried out with complete relaxation of the massaged, if you came to the massage session in a nervous, clamped state and can not relax, then it is better to abandon the procedure or postpone it to another time. Doing self-massage, take a comfortable position, do not do self-massage, standing, no matter how convenient it is to massage the face in front of the mirror. Watch your posture.
For shiatsu, there are contraindications: diseases that require surgical treatment; postoperative period; acute infectious, oncological and skin diseases of an inflammatory-allergic nature; unhealed wounds and injuries of the spine, pregnancy, schizophrenia.

The proposed sequence of facial massage is quite simple and, according to the authors, effectively affects the body as a whole and external impression in particular. Let's start moving towards beauty and health with the help of Japanese massage?

  1. The first press is in the eye area, the point is located at the base of the eyebrows. In the chinese qigong tradition, this is the "cuan-zhu" point, located at the intersection of the vertical from the inner corner of the eye with the arch of the eyebrow.
  2. Forming a vertical line with the pads of the fingers, we move with pinpoint light movements to the edges of the forehead.- massage improves the general condition and vision.
  3. Horizontally, formed by the pads of the fingers with light presses, we rise from the eyebrows to the edge of the forehead upwards. Massage relieves fatigue and increases efficiency.
  4. Return to the nose, massage the area on the sides of the bridge of the nose, at the inner corners of the eyes. The dots are easy to find if the pads of the thumbs slide from the brow down to these points. Exposure to the points relieves eye strain and the headache caused by it. It is believed that massaging these points increases the shine of the eyes.
  5. We act on the paired points in the outer corners of the eyes, just above.
  6. Press on the points directly in the corners of the eyes, the point is located a little further from the center of the face, the fingers rest on the edges of the eye sockets. Points 5 and 6 in the diagram are the places of influence on the energy meridian of the gallbladder, eye fatigue is removed, and brain function is stimulated.   
  7. Strongly press on the paired points located on the line of the continuing line of the eyes towards the upper base of the ear, sorting through the pads of the four fingers easily massage in the direction of the ears with wavy curves. The action is aimed at improving the work of memory and kidneys.
  8. Strongly press on the paired points under the eyes 8, sorting through the pads of four fingers, massage towards the ears, increasing the distance between the fingers. The effect passes through the zone activating the immune and cardiovascular systems.
  9. Press on the point in the center under the nose, a strong effect on this point can return consciousness to the person who lost it, sorting through the pads gently massage in the direction of the corners of the mouth.
  10. Pressing on the corners of the lips, protect the area around the mouth from small wrinkles. Top-down movement.
  11. We begin to press under the skull at the edge of the posterior fossa move to the ears, activating the energy centers of the spleen and pancreas.
  12. Massage the face around the mouth with sorting movements with light pinpoint touches, getting to point 12, located at the intersection of the mouth line and vertical from the center of the eyes. In the same movements, we descend from point 12 to point 13 under the lower lip at the border with the chin.
  13. From point 13, return up through point 12-10 to point 9. Massage affects not only the appearance of the lips, giving them convexity and sensuality, but also helps to get rid of malfunctions in the ovaries and biliary system. Proper massage leads to the disappearance of fine wrinkles around the lips. Disappeared wrinkles, if any, are just considered an indicator of the above disorders.
  14. Massage with all fingers from the chin in both directions to the cheekbones and along them to the ears.
  15. Massage the neck under the face from the oblique neck muscles to the throat.

It is assumed that the effect of shiatsu massage lasts 24 hours, but it can be carried out several times a day. Massage is used for rejuvenation, well-being, allows you to relieve headaches, prevents the appearance of fine wrinkles and gives pleasure. I think that some points can be used together with exercises for the eyes, when you have to sit at the computer for a long time.