Animals and lips

Beauty can be a serious business, or it can be a game. Such a game of "the call of nature for the lips" is easy to digest and use, as the ancient Chinese monks used what they managed to notice in wildlife. Now fans of martial arts are studying the style of a tiger, a crane, a monkey.
Will we learn from our younger brothers?
We create the beauty and health of our exciting lips together with animals.

Let's start with a toad, yes, the same frog princess who caught the arrow of Ivan the Tsarevich (a stupid booby who did not even take an arrow from a toad, I wonder what prevented him? stupidity? laziness? intuition? – Let's think intuition) How does a toad slap its lips? no-no botex will not do.
We twist the lips inside the mouth under the teeth, you do not need to pull them and make any heroic efforts, just slap such closed lips opening and closing the mouth 10 times. Lips warm up, blush slightly, blood rushes to them.

Who was before the frog? a tadpole so similar to a fish. A goldfish that will fulfill all desires. The fish listens to your desires and breathes without water. Stretch your lips forward, open your mouth as if you had your lips made of botex without a sense of proportion. Squeeze your outstretched lips tightly and relax your muscles.

But a camel without water is bad, because of this the camel chews thorns. Touch your mouth, with your mouth closed, move your lips first to the left, then to the right. Once accustomed, draw an eight with your lips.

Again, we imitate amphibians. Chamelion catches a butterfly. Narrow the mouth, stretch the tongue to the full possible length and roll it in such a way that it seems narrow, you will get such a tube. In the extreme position, we hold the tongue for 3-5 seconds, while squeezing it with a round mouth, but we do not stretch the lips. Return the tongue to the mouth, relax the muscles, rest for a few seconds.

The elephant blows the fluff away. Round your mouth, trying to turn it into a point, stretch your lips forward, the trunk, of course, will not grow back, but we tried to get a smooth tube of lips that do not protrude outwards, resembling a trunk. Stretching our lips gently, we blow slowly, controlling the flight of the invisible fluff. Exhale the remaining air sharply, trying to blow out the candle. Relax your facial muscles. Relax.

The whale releases the fountain. Inhale, not for an hour of course, like a whale, but still. Do not stretch your lips, the air is located in the inflated cheeks. Exhale through slightly open lips, pulled into a circle gently and slowly, then push all the air outward. Rest, relax the muscles of the face.

A coyote howls at the moon. Chanting slowly, as if showing someone how sounds are born, sing A-I-O-U. Then take in plenty of air. puff up your cheeks and exhale through your half-closed lips. Feel the vibration in your lips and the muscle around them. The sound of exhalation resembles a humming at low frequencies.

The smile of the Cheshire Cat. Try to repeat one of the most famous smiles: Inhale with a full chest and blow it out with force through closed lips. Exhalation should fit in 6 seconds. Relax, open your mouth, raise your lips above your teeth. while stretching them into a smile.

Gopher. Whistle for 2-5 minutes, any musical melodies, achieving purity and volume of sound. Try to be loud, but not cause nervous tension of casual listeners.